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Air Jordan

Air Jordan Retro 5 "3Lab5" (Preowned)

Air Jordan Retro 5 "3Lab5" (Preowned)

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Introducing the Jordan 5 Retro 3Lab5, a one-of-a-kind fusion of classic Jordan design elements. This special iteration seamlessly blends the timeless charm of the Jordan 5 silhouette with iconic features from the Jordan 3, most notably the striking elephant print overlays. Crafted with precision, the shoe boasts a luxurious leather upper adorned entirely with Cement Grey elephant print, delivering a bold and unforgettable aesthetic. The midsole elegantly contrasts in sleek black, complete with a translucent outsole for a touch of modernity. The laces follow suit in black, offering a subtle yet stylish contrast against the dominant print. Adding a subtle pop of color, light blue decorative detailing on the outer side adds a unique visual dimension to this extraordinary sneaker.

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